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Softbox SMDV Speedbox 70S

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This speedbox was created for an even illumination and reduces the presence of shadows.


The light appears softer due to smoother transition in the shadows. By using several softboxes, even better lighting can be achieved.




Features of the box

  • High efficiency
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Optimal for mobile use
  • In a set with holder for attachable flashes
  • Very light and compact to transport
  • High-quality materials guarantee long service life
  • Soft light for beauty, portrait, fashion like in a photo studio

Technical Specifications

  • Opening for the flash: 9cm x 6cm
  • Hot Shoe: ISO standard
  • Length of flash rail: 16cm
  • Possibility to adjust the flash rail vertically and horizontally: 7cm
  • Connections: 16mm spigot connection, inch thread

Package contains

  • Softbox in the desired size
  • Speed ring with quick mechanism
  • Transport bag with shoulder strap
  • Flash holder with detachable flash shoe adapter 

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Softbox SMDV Speedbox 70S

Softbox SMDV Speedbox 70S

Rapide à monter petit à transporter: de 2 à 1!

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