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Tampone pulizia sensore CCD

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Il migliore amico del sensore fotocamera: il nostro Tampone

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Professional sensor cleaner swab to give your digital camera back the full X-ray view.


This sensor cleaner gives your digital camera with CCD/CMOS chip a fresh, crystal clear and streak-free view into our Galaxy and on your selected subjects. This sensor cleaner enables safe and economical cleaning and is the perfect choice for any sensitive sensor.


This product is suitable for cleaning all cameras with MFT (2.0 sensor size) and APS-C / Crop Sensor (1.5 or 1.6 sensor size). The fibres of the cleaner are extra fine and remove even the smallest dirt particles from the sensor.


  • Single available
  • Shape suitable for narrow mirror chambers
  • Gentle surface, which protects the sensor particularly well




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Tampone pulizia sensore CCD

Tampone pulizia sensore CCD

Il migliore amico del sensore fotocamera: il nostro Tampone